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 Art Information Center

The Art Information Center collects materials such as books, magazines, pictorial records of exhibitions, and videos from a wide variety of art fields (mainly fine arts), and offers their information as a reference.
Visitors can view materials, take exhibition guide brochures home, and enjoy many other services.
Please come and take a look at our wide range of resource materials.

User Guide

Hours of operation

Closed days
Monday (The next day if Monday is a public holiday)
New Year's holidays
Special maintenance periods

Books on art (mainly fine arts), pictorial records of exhibitions, magazines, and annual reports and bulletins of other museums and universities are categorized into open and closed stacks. Visitors can view the materials freely in the center. For closed stack materials, please search on the computers within the center, fill in a viewing application form, and submit it to the reception desk.

5 computers available for use
Visitors can search for materials using the computers in the center.
Search by title, author (artist), and other conditions is available.
In addition to the center's resources, visitors can access a database of the museum's collection of artworks and Ando Tadao’s architecture, as well as the museum's website and the Net Museum Hyogo Bungakukan (online library).
Net Museum Hyogo Bungakukan (online library)

Reference service for books and other resources
Reception is open for inquiries on art materials, collection status, etc. Please do not hesitate to ask questions about search methods for reference resources or any other topic. Service is available during the center’s hours of operation.
The center also accepts inquiries by telephone and post.

・By phone  078-262-0916
(Art Information Center, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art)
・By post Art Information Center
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