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General information
 Hours of Operation/Admission
Floor Map
Museum Facility
Rental Spaces
Basic Principles, History and Organization
Architectural Concept
 Architectural Overview/Floor Space
Architectural Highlights
Ando Tadao Corner

HAT Kobe
 International Health Development Center Bldg.
JICA Kansai
The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Memorial Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution
Kobe Joint Government Office for Disaster Management
Japanese Red Cross Society Hyogo Prefectural Chapter
HEMC (Hyogo Emergency Medical Center)/Japanese Red Cross Kobe Hospital
Hyogo Institute for Traumatic Stress
Japan Student Services Organization Hyogo International House

Museum's Collection
Museum Shop, Cafe and Restaurant

Architectural Overview/Floor Space

 4F クリックすると各施設面積などを閲覧できます
Location 1-1-1 Wakinohama Kaigan-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe
Building Owner Hyogo Prefecture
Architectural design
 Tadao Ando Architect & Associates
Toshihiko Kimura Structural Engineers
Kanebako Structural Engineers
Facilities design
Disaster risk reduction
P.T. Morimura & Associates, Ltd.
Ataka Bosai Sekkei Co., Ltd.
Hyogo Prefectural Government
Public Facility Management Div. and Public Facility Equipment Div., Urban Development & Housing Bureau, Public Works & Development Dept.
Tadao Ando Architect & Associates
Architectural design
Electrical equipment
HVAC System
Plumbing equipment
Substation equipment
Gas service
 Obayashi, Shimizu, Konoike, Shinkokosan Construction,
Meiwa, and Yamada Special Joint Venture
Kurihara, Kandenko, Oda, Nikko, and Hinomaru Special Joint Venture
Kawasaki, Toshiba, Nagamura, Kinki, and Tsunebishi Special Joint Venture
Ergotech, Kuni, and Takai Special Joint Venture
Kanden Kogyo
Osaka Gas
Ishii Zoen
Construction Period March 1999 to September 2001
Area/district City Planning Area, Neighborhood Commercial District, Quasi-fire Prevention District
Main Purpose Art museum
Site area 19,000.00
Building Area 12,807.71
Total Floor Area 27,461.41
Maximum Height 23.1.m
Building-to-land Ratio 67.4%
Volume Rate 127.2%
Number of stories One floor underground/4 floors above ground
Structural design Steel-framed reinforced concrete structure(Quake-absorbing structure)
Founding work
Cast-in-place steel pipe concrete pile  1400
1600Belled pile
Bearing stratum 1FL-19 m
 8 pcs.
15 pcs.
198 pcs.
Cast-in-place concrete pile 800
Bearing stratum 1FL-19 m
Quake-absorbing devices
Seismic isolation bearing
Steel bar damper
Lead damper
 190 units
173 units
76 units
Main exterior finishing
 Flat concrete blocks
Aluminum curtain walls, metallic panels, natural stones
FRP Waterproofing, partially top-lights + eaves
Substation equipment Incoming and transforming: Intake 6,600 V, transformer capacity 4,200 KVA, received in 2 wires
(main and spare lines)
Emergency power generation: Gas turbine 6,600 V 500 KVA
Underground oil tank: 20,000 L
Electrical Equipment Central monitoring system, maximum 3,170 points controlled
(Monitors substation, general lighting, lighting-control/air-conditioning power)
Low-current and communication facilities   PA system, electrical clocks, intercom,
restroom alarm system, master TV antenna, ITV, phones,
video LAN cabling, information system cabling,
parking control
Disaster risk reduction
Crime prevention and access control at CPU
General control panel (integrated GR type) 1,189 points
AV system, stage lighting Auditorium, Lecture Room
 X-ray room lighting Facility
HVAC system
Heat Source  1) Domain cooling and heating Cooling 2,900 Kw, heating 1,500Kw
2) Air-cooled ice thermal storage unit 700 Kw x 2 units
(including a heat recovery type)
Air Conditioning Air-conditioners x 50 units
Chemical adsorption filters in storages and exhibition rooms
Sea salt particle filters for outside air intakes
Ventilation/Smoke Exhaust Pressure relief duct, 4 mechanical smoke exhaust systems
Plumbing equipment
Water supply  Clean water Public water feeding from main water supply pipes
(direct pressure water supply system)
Waste water Rain water feeding for flush toilets (pressurized water supply system)
Drainage Indoor separate drainage, outdoor combined drainage, underground pump drainage
Hot-water supply Separate hot-water supplies by electrical water heating devices
Fire extinguishers Indoor fire hydrants, sprinklers, foam fire extinguishers (Parking)
Nitrogen gas fire extinguishing system (Central monitoring room, storages, exhibition rooms)
Kitchen facilities Kitchens for the restaurant and café
Elevators  Freight elevator (3t)
Passenger elevator
Persons and freight elevator
 3 units
5 units
4 units

 Total 12 units
Gas service
Gas  2F restaurant kitchen (city gas)


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