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 Spaceship: Shingu Susumu

Shingu Susumu《Diary of Clouds》2016
©Susumu Shingu
Mar. 18 (Sat.) – May 7 (Sun.)
This is the largest solo exhibition to date of Shingu Susumu (1937– ), showcasing his current activities. Shingu is an artist known worldwide for his works that move via natural power such as wind and water. Viewing the entirety of the exhibition space as a spaceship, the exhibition provides an overall introduction to his world focusing on his new works, as well as videos of his various projects and sculpture models. The collaboration with Ando Tadao’s architecture is a must-see.

  Out of Real

Apr. 1 (Sat.) – Jun. 25 (Sun.)
Artists have put new life into their works based on their awareness that they live in the real world. While sensitively capturing issues on social products created by humanity such as science, religion and history, they have laid their own life in the middle of their expressions and continued creating substantial entities in the form of their artworks. This exhibition tries to reveal the meaning of “real” for them via keywords such as “Connect / Relate,” “Change / Narrate,” “Reverse / Appear,” “Void / Compose,” “Life / Work” and “Anticipate / Urge.”

Yamazaki Tsuruko《Work》1960

 Fantastic Art in Belgium

Workshop of Hieronymus Bosch《Tondal’s Visio》c. 1490-1500
©Fundación Lázaro Galdiano
May 20 (Sat.) – Jul. 9 (Sun.)
Hieronymus Bosch, an early Netherlandish painter, is famous for his fantastic paintings that feature many strange creatures. The attitude of his art has been passed down for centuries, leading to unique expressions by Bruegel, Magritte, and Jan Fabre. This exhibition introduces approximately 120 pieces of Belgian fantastic art produced from the 15th century to this era, in forms including painting, printing, sculpture and so on.

 Commemorating the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and the Kingdom of Bhutan

The Bhutan Exhibition – A Hint to Happiness
Jul. 1 (Sat.) – Sep. 3 (Sun.)

Venue: 3rd Floor of the Gallery Wing, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art

This exhibition is made up of three parts: popularity of the Bhutani royal family, Buddhism in Bhutan, and lifestyles in Bhutan. Approximately 130 items including precious artworks and cultural resources will be on display in Japan for the first time.

  Form in Art ― Perceiving with the Hand: Aoki Chie (tentative)

Jul. 8 (Sat.) – Oct. 15 (Sun.)
Through this series of exhibitions that started in 1989, we have questioned the conventional way of appreciating art through vision. This time, visitors will enjoy an opportunity to experience forms through the works of Aoki Chie (1981– ), expressing the body using Japanese lacquer.

Aoki Chie《Body 10-1》(Part) 2010

New Acquisitions (tentative)

Hoshi Joichi《Tree of the King》1976

New pieces acquired during the last year will be on display. These small “leaves” added to the “large tree” of our collection made up of over 9,000 artworks will change the “scenery” of our museum. Please appreciate a wide variety of works, including masterpieces of modern art and unconventional expressions by contemporary artists.

 Fear in Painting

Paul Delaroche《Execution of Lady Jane Grey》1833
©The National Gallery, London
Bequeathed by the Second Lord Cheylesmore, 1902
Jul. 22 (Sat.) – Sep. 18 (Mon, holiday)
This exhibition, inspired by the best-selling book Kowai-e (“scary paintings”) by Nakano Kyoko, picks up “scary” paintings (mainly modern European paintings, including those taken up in the book) and displays them according to subject such as myth, reality and history. Some evoke fear directly through vision, and others terrify you when you learn their backgrounds. Please enjoy the various forms of fear expressed in oil paintings and prints.

 2017 Prefectural Exhibition

Jul. 29 (Sat.) – Aug. 19 (Sat.)
Venue: Large Exhibition Room on the 2nd Floor, Harada-no-mori Gallery

This series of open exhibitions offers opportunities for Hyogo-based artists to make their works public. The guideline for applicants will be made available in April. We are awaiting your application and attendance.

 Channel 8 Inoue Ryo (tentative)

Aug. 26 (Sat.) – Sep. 24 (Sun.)
Venue: Studio 1, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art

This series of exhibitions serves as an introduction to remarkable contemporary artists, this time (the 8th occasion) featuring Inoue Ryo (1983– ). Visitors can enjoy nis humorous musical-style video installation.

Image by the artist

 Supporting the Reconstruction of the Great East Japan Earthquake
Miraie Project Traveling Exhibition ~ The Power of Art ~

Sep. 16 (Sat.) – Nov. 5 (Sun.)
Venue: 3rd Floor of the Gallery Wing, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art

Artworks themed on the reconstruction of the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, produced by three world-renowned artists Kitano Takeshi, Doug Webb and Lou Zhenggang, were gathered so as to engrave the preciousness of human life in history through art and pass down the memory of the incident to the following generations. This is a charity traveling exhibition with the message of “always remember the earthquake.”

Doug Webb《To the Future》2014

 Old Masters from the State Hermitage Museum

Oct. 3 (Tue.) – Jan. 14 (Sun.), 2018
The State Hermitage Museum, started from the collection of Catherine the Great, is one of the world’s most well-known and greatest art museums. Borrowed from its huge painting collection, this exhibition focuses on Old Masters from the Renaissance, and subsequent Baroque and Rococo art. This is a most precious opportunity to appreciate excellent works of great masters that shine brilliantly in the history of Western painting.

Titian (Tiziano Vecellio)《Portrait of a Young Woman in a Hat with aFeather》1538
©The State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, 2017-18

JAPAN KOBE ‹0› (tentative)
Oct. 28 (Sat.) – Jan. 21 (Sun.), 2018
JAPAN KOBE ‹0› is an avant-garde art group, originating from the group ‹0› established as a drawing group in 1969. It conducted various events based in Kobe during the 1970s. Their activities took place outdoors (such as at the Kobe Festival), as well as in the galleries and museums in Hyogo and Kyoto. The members included Enoki Chu and Matsui Kensaku, who are still active now. The group’s activities will be introduced through photos, videos, articles and other materials.


Mystery in Painting
― between Fiction and Reality― (tentative)

Things appearing in the paintings – are they reality or fiction? Are the painting themselves reality or fiction?
Painters have achieved various expressions using the two-dimensional media of painting.
This exhibition views our museum’s collection from the Meiji era to today from the standpoint of fiction and reality, allowing visitors to enjoy the mystery in painting that suspended between fiction and reality.

Jinnaka Itoko《Portrait of Haruno》c. 1894

 Koiso Ryohei and Yoshihara Jiro,
dividing ridge of the Hanshinkan modernism

Opening of Tanaka Chiyo Gakuen Ashiya School Studio: Yoshihara writing a message and Koiso watching it July 1952
Photo: Tanaka Chiyo Gakuen

Mar. 24 (Sat.) – May 27 (Sun.), 2018
Koiso Ryohei (1903–1988) and Yoshihara Jiro (1905–1972) are the two representative artists from the Hanshinkan area (the area between Osaka and Kobe). They were based in geographically close places during almost the same time. However, almost no opportunities have been provided to evaluate their works simultaneously. In this exhibition, their works are arranged on a chronological basis, enabling visitors to reconfirm their achievements and clarify their differences and similarities.

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