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 1945±5:The Works that Survived through the Turbulent and Reconstruction Era

May 21 (Sat.) - Jul. 3 (Sun.)
This is an exhibition showcasing artworks (mainly oil paintings, but also including sketches, Japanese-style paintings and sculptures) created between 1940 and 1950. In Japan, the first half of the 1940s was the period of the Asia-Pacific War, and the second half was the period of the allied occupation. Some works specifically reflect the atmosphere of the turbulent era, while others intend to stay away from it. The number of exhibited artists amounts to approximately 70, including Tsuguharu Foujita (Leonard Foujita), Koiso Ryohei, Kazuki Yasuo, and Mizuki Shigeru.

  Form in Art-Touch and Sense the Piece

Jul. 2 (Sat.) - Nov. 6 (Sun.)
This is an annual exhibition of touchable works, started with the hope of offering people with visual impairments opportunities to enjoy art, as well as questioning the conventional way of enjoying art based on vision. This time, we will try to “see” the works through the sense of people with visual impairments, made possible with their cooperation.

New Acquisitions

 This is the first display of new pieces acquired during the last year (fiscal year 2015). We have gained a wide variety of works, from masterpieces of modern art to unconventional expressions by contemporary artists. They will be on display along themes, together with older collections of the museum.
Yanagi Miwa《Elevator Girl House B1》1997


Jul. 16 (Sat.) - Sep. 22 (Thu.)
This is the retrospective exhibition of Tsuguharu Foujita (aka. Leonard Foujita, 1886-1968), who is known as a representative painter from Ecole de Paris and spent the era of the war in Japan as a leading painter creating murals and war paintings. Displayed works include those selected from over 800 pieces contributed by the bereaved family to the city of Reims in France, as well as works on loan from major art museums and collectors both in Japan and the world.

 2016 Prefectural Exhibition

Aug. 6 (Sat.) - 21 (Sun.)
Venue: 3rd Floor of the Gallery Wing, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art

This series of open exhibitions offers opportunities for Hyogo-based amateur artists to make their works public. This year, acceptance and return of the works also take place in our museum. The guideline for applicants will be made available in April. We are awaiting your application and attendance.

 Roman Wall Painting in Pompeii

 Oct. 15 (Sat.) - Dec. 25 (Sun.)
At the height of its prosperity during ancient Roman times, the city of Pompeii experienced a major tragedy in 79 AD: the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. The wall paintings that miraculously survived due to being buried underground still maintain their vivid colors. Paintings from 2,000 years ago, excavated in Pompeii and the surrounding areas, are gathered here.

《Hercules with baby Telephus》1st century
Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli
c ARCHIVIO DELL’ARTE - Luciano Pedicini / fotografo

 Channel 7 Takahashi Kohei (tentative)

Oct. 15 (Sat.) - Nov. 20 (Sun.)
Venue: Studio 1, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art

This series of exhibitions serves as an introduction to remarkable contemporary artists, this time (7th version) featuring Takahashi Kohei (1977 -). He mainly creates and exhibits artworks featuring moving images (videos) and exhibits them.

Takahashi Kohei《shi to shi to shi to》2014
Exhibition at the South Gallery, Kyoto Art Center [Reference]

  Hanaya Kanbei : A Photographer and His Age

Nov. 19 (Sat.) - Mar. 19 (Sun.), 2017
Hanaya Kanbei (1903-1991) is a photographer who was active in Ashiya City, Hyogo since pre-war times. His vintage prints made before the war, as well as other works, will be displayed with the works of Ashiya Camera Club members who lived in the same period as Hanaya. This is an introduction to an extraordinary talent from Hyogo and the history of his works.

Sculpture Gathering

Uematsu Keiji《Situation-Floating Space》1989
 Sculptures make a prominent part of our collections. This exhibition focuses on sculptures and 3D artwork created by masters of modern art, contemporary artists, and more. In addition, 2D artworks created by sculptors or related to sculptures will be also on display.

 Adolf Wölfli

 Jan. 11 (Wed.) - Feb. 26 (Sun.), 2017
Among art brut (outsider art) artists that gather world attention, Adolf Wölfli (1864-1930) is by far the most well-known. This is the first full-fledged retrospective exhibition of his held in Japan, made possible through full coordination with the Adolf Wölfli Foundation in Bern, Switzerland. It provides visitors with an unparalleled opportunity to trace the achievements of Adolf Wölfli, who influenced pre-war surrealism artists.

Adolf Wölfli《St. Adolf = Throne = Arnica》1917
Adolf Wölfli Foundation, Kunstmuseum Bern

 Spaceship: Shingu Susumu

Shingu Susumu《Starry Night》2013

Mar. 18 (Sat.) - May 7 (Sun.), 2017
Shingu Susumu (1937 -), working in his atelier in Sanda City, is a sculptor known worldwide for his works that move via natural power such as wind and water. This is a multifaceted introduction to Shingu’s world, focusing on newly-made mobiles (moving sculptures), as well as maquettes (model of an unfinished sculpture), original drawings of picture books, outdoor sculpture, and project videos.

 Tomioka Tessai Retrospective
on the 180th Anniversary of his Birth

Tomioka Tessai 《Distant View of Mt. Fuji / Kankakei Valley》(Right wing) 1905
Colors on paper, pair of six-folded screen
National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto
(Exhibition in the latter half of the period)
*literati painting: a style of classical Chinese painting associated with Chinese scholar officials
 Mar. 12 (Sat.) - May 8 (Sun.)
This exhibition is held on the 180th anniversary of the birth of Tomioka Tessai (1836-1924), who produced a prolific output of literati paintings*. Tessai’s works here include magnificent monochrome landscape paintings, portrait paintings based on historical events and the classics of China and Japan, and other masterpieces from his later years. Tessai lived his life searching for the literati’s ideal, and left excellent paintings. The approximately 200 pieces of his works and materials exhibited here will invite you to the world of Tessai.

  Nakanishi Masaru

Mar. 19 (Sat.) - Jun. 19 (Sun.)
Nakanishi Masaru (1924-2015) long lived in Kobe and was always in the center of Hyogo’s art and culture world until he passed away in May last year. This exhibition commemorates his artworks and unique character (boldness and sensitivity combined), mainly showcasing works contributed to the Hyogo Prefectural Government and the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art by Nakanishi when he was alive.

Nakanishi Masaru《Japan acrobat》1956

Secret of Black

Saito Yoshishige《Complex 102-1・2》1984
 Various expressions related to the color of black are introduced with the museum’s collections. What is the role of the color black in the work? What visual effect does the color give to the design? Please also focus on the different expressions of black brought about by various techniques and materials.

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