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Mar. 17 (Sat.) ~ Jun. 24 (Sun.) 2018

Ichiro Watanabe ≪ Overhead Wire ≫ 1958

Back to 1918: Time Travel with the Museum Collection

As shown by the existence of the word “decade,” it seems that we as humans naturally think of the period of 10 years as a unit. This year’s Premium Exhibition will take you through time, returning by decades (2008, 1998, …), and introduce works that were created those years, or works related to the events that took place in those years. Enjoy your time travel by decades through our collection.

HPMA Premium Exhibition

©1984 Studio Ghibli・H

Co-hosted Exhibition
Studio Ghibli Exhibition
~ From Nausicaa to Marnie ~

Apr. 7 (Sat.) ~ Jul. 1 (Sun.)

Venue: Gallery Wing
In what way were the Studio Ghibli works produced and sent out into the world?
Visitors will be able to experience the 30-year history of Studio Ghibli through many materials including promotional items such as posters, ads and character goods, as well as previously undisclosed project proposals.

Special Exhibitions

The 150th Anniversary of Japan-Spain Diplomatic Relations Commemoration / Hyogo 150 Years Celebration Event

Diego Velázquez
≪ Prince Baltasar Carlos on Horseback ≫ c.1635
Museo Nacional del Prado
©Museo Nacional del Prado
Velázquez and the Celebration of Painting: The Golden Age in the Museo del Prado

Jun. 13 (Wed.) ~ Oct. 14 (Sun.)

Museo del Prado (The Prado Museum) was founded in 1819 with the Spanish Royal Collection as its main feature.
This exhibition features seven artworks by Diego Velázquez, one of the Prado Museum’s representative master artists, including works on display in Japan for the first time. In addition to these, selected masterpieces by Titian, Rubens and other artists from the royal collection are shown. This is a precious opportunity to enjoy great paintings of 17th century Europe, the golden age of painting, and more.

Jul. 7 (Sat.) ~ Nov. 4 (Sun.)

Form in Art ― Perceiving with the Hand

Nakahashi Katsushige ≪ 101 ≫ 1995

Nakahashi Katsushige (tentative)

This is an annual series of exhibitions, allowing all visitors — those who can see, those who have difficulty seeing, and those who cannot see at all — to touch the art pieces. This year’s 29th edition features Nakahashi Katsushige (1955-), an artist who has recently been engaged in the production of clay figures. Touch-worthy sculptures themed on dogs, an animal humans have many opportunities to touch, will be on display.

FUKUDA Suiko ≪ White Storks ≫ 1940
(Displayed only between July 7 and September 2.)

The 150th Anniversary of Hyogo Prefecture
Hyogo and Modern Art 1868-2018 (tentative)

In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of Hyogo Prefecture, we will look back on the history of Hyogo (from the beginning of the Meiji Era to today) through our collection, with a focus on the culture, people and lifestyles in Hyogo. Of course, artistic trends in Hyogo will also be covered, and new pieces acquired during the last year will be displayed.

HPMA Premium Exhibition

Co-hosted Exhibition
Original Picture Exhibition: Imoto Yoko

≪ The Picture Book of Cats ≫ (Kodansha Ltd.)
© Imoto Yoko
Jul. 14 (Sat.) ~ Sep. 2 (Sun.)

Venue: 3rd Floor of the Gallery Wing
The moment you see the art in Imoto Yoko’s picture books, they inspire a warm feeling that is hard to put into words. Her unique touch in the paintings, seen in the jagged lines, is realized by tearing Japanese paper into pieces, pasting it to a base paper, and coloring that with watercolors and pastels. This process produces the delicate nuances and expressions in her works. The exhibition highlights approximately 300 precious original pictures that convey indescribable emotion and imagined scenery.

2018 Prefectural Exhibition

Jul. 28 (Sat.) ~ Aug. 18 (Sat.)

Venue: Large Exhibition Room on the 2nd Floor, Harada-no-mori Gallery
This series of open exhibitions offers opportunities for Hyogo-based artists to make their works public. The guideline for applicants will be made available in April. We are awaiting your application and attendance.

Special Exhibitions

SAVIGNAC l’enchanteur

Oct. 27 (Sat.) ~ Dec. 24 (Mon., holiday)

Raymond Savignac (1907-2002) was an influential 20th Century poster artist in France. His expressions with vivid colors, bold design, humor and esprit were referred to as “visual scandal” and completely changed the conventional poster art styles of the time. By showcasing approximately 90 of his posters as well as photos, maquettes and related publications, this exhibition aims to help visitors gain perspective on Savignac’s works.

Raymond Savignac ≪Monsavon au lait≫
1948/1950 Bibliotheque Forney
© Annie Charpentier 2018

Featured Artist Spotlight
― Channel 9 ―
WADA Atsushi: My Marsh (tentative)

Still from ≪ My Marsh ≫ 2017 by Atsushi Wada
Nov. 3 (Sat., holiday) ~ Dec. 2 (Sun.)

Venue: Studio 1
This series of exhibitions serves as an introduction to remarkable artists, this time (the 9th occasion) featuring Wada Atsushi (1980-). Visitors will experience the unique world of animation created by Wada, an animator gathering attention from both Japan and the world.

Co-hosted Exhibition
And there's nothing I can do
- Su Xiaobai Solo Exhibition

Oct. 12 (Fri.) ~ Nov. 28 (Wed.)

Venue: 3rd Floor of the Gallery Wing

Nov. 17 (Sat.) ~ Mar. 3 (Sun.), 2019

≪ First Dream: Crime and Atonement ≫
(Le Magasin pittoresque, 1847)

J·J· Grandville from M-collection (tentative)

J·J·Grandville (1803-1847) was one of the most famous illustrators of 19th-century France. Thanks to the cooperation of one of Japan’s eminent collectors, Mr. M, many of Grandville’s pieces will be displayed: caricatures from papers and magazines such as La Caricature and Le Charivari, and illustrated books such as Un Autre Monde (Another World) and Les Fleurs Animees (The Flowers Personified). This is an introduction to the unusual imagination of an artist who pioneered surrealism.

Motonaga Sadamasa ≪ In the Yellow ≫ 1977

Like Attracts Like

There are various frameworks set in collection exhibitions. In many cases, artworks are grouped by genres, eras or regions. This exhibition will not use standards outside of the works; we will focus on the elements and structural principles inside of the works, such as the characteristics of lines and the styles of contrasting two different worlds. In groups sharing something in common, individual uniqueness will appear.

HPMA Premium Exhibition

Special Exhibitions

Heroes and People in the Japanese Contemporary Art (tentative)

Jan. 12 (Sat.) ~ Mar. 17 (Sun.), 2019

The exhibition deals with art expressions in Japan from the early 20th century to today with a focus on the contrasting existence of special “heroes” and ordinary “people.” Exhibits will include works from popular culture including kamishibai (street theater utilizing illustration boards), manga, anime, and films/TV programs using special effects.

Nakaji Yasui ≪ Flags ≫ 1931/2010

Makoto Aida
≪ Demonstration Machine for One Person (Against Salaryman) ≫ 2005
Courtesy:Mizuma Art Gallery

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