General Information
What is the Museum like? When is it open? How much is admission?
What can we do there? This page answers such questions.
Click the items to get an overview of the Museum.

Message from the Director
The Director of the Museum greets the visitors to our website.

Opening Hours/Admission
Holidays, opening hours, admission (general/group),
and free-of-charge services such as
lending of strollers and wheelchairs are introduced.

Floor Map
A colored map shows the Museum's facilities such as rest rooms, elevators, and barrier-free facilities on each floor.

Auditorium, Exhibition Gallery and Studio
We inform you of the facilities and annexed facilities where lectures, events and exhibitions are held.

Art Information Center
How to use the center, which has books, materials,
and AV software related to the Museum and art available
for visitors, is introduced in detail.

Museum Building Photo Collection
Excellent and outstanding viewpoints of the Museum
building, designed by Tadao Ando, are introduced.

We introduce Membership with which you will gain a lot of benefits while supporting our museum.

Your comments or questions about the Museum or
our website are welcomed.

Transportation Access