Special Exhibitions

Celebration of the 120th Anniversary of the Birth of Kagaku Murakami & Shonan Mizukoshi What is Nanga? An Aspect of Modern Japanese-style Painting

Keisen Tomita
Handscroll of the Uji River:Kowata (detail) 1915 The Museum of Modern Art, Shiga
April 22 (Tue) -
June 8 (Sun)

Held to commemorate the 120th anniversary of the births of two of Hyogo Prefecture's finest artists Kagaku Murakami & Shonan Mizukoshi. Originating in China, Nanga became established in Japan in the 18th century. Nanga development is followed with around 190 works from some 70 artists ranging from mid-Edo to early Showa You are sure to get a sense of Japan's unique outlook on nature and aesthetic feeling vividly passed on within Nanga.
(Display partially changed during exhibition)

TADANORI YOKOO Be Adventurous!

"Jules Verne's Sea"
June 27 (Fri) -
August 24 (Sun)

An introduction of artworks by the multi-talented artist Tadanori Yokoo (1936 - born in Nishiwaki City, Hyogo Prefecture) based on the theme of “adventure.” These include works based on adventure tales such as Tarzan and Shonen Tanteidan along with works overflowing with adventurous spirit. Around 170 paintings and Collages, and over 200 pieces such as original graphic works are on display as we close in on the fascinating world of Yokoo.

2008 Prefectural Exhibition

August 9 (Sat) - August 23 (Sat)
Venue:Harada no Mori Gallery
This exhibition of publicly gathered works has continued to be an opportunity of presentation for artists working in Hyogo Prefecture.
*Applications are available at prefectural offices beginning in late May.

Chagall,a poet of colors

"Over the city"
1914-18 The State Tretyakov Gallery,Moscow (C)ADAGP, Paris & SPDA,Tokyo, 2008
 September 6 (Sat) -
October 15 (Wed)

Born in Russia (Belarus) and later based in France as one of the 20th century's greatest artists, Marc Chagall's (1887 - 1985) exhibition is held with a focus on works from the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow and the Chagall family collection in Paris. Prepare yourself in anticipation of this exhibition consisting of around 150 oil paintings and prints that include the murals for the Jewish Theatr. (Overview)

Brazillian Contemporary Artists from Museum Oscar Niemeyer

Francisco Faria
"Xarayes I" (detail)
2006 pencil, paper
November 1 (Sat) -
December 7 (Sun)

2008 is the Japan - Brazil friendship year. A friendship exhibition will be held with the Oscar Niemeyer Museum in Hyogo Prefecture's sister state of Parana to celebrate the occasion. In June, an exhibition will be held in Brazil as the "Hyogo Collection", followed in November with an introduction of 3 modern artists based in Parana along with the Commemorative Return Exhibition. Enjoy the passionate breath of Brazil.(Overview)

European Still-Life Painting from the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien

Cornelis De Heem "Breakfast still-life"
around 1660 - 1670
(C)Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Gemäldegalerie, Vienna
 January 6 2009 (Tue) -
March 29 (Sun)

Flowers, food, tableware, instruments…the various objects present in everyday human life. Originally rendered as the ‘side act' in European painting history, "still life" finally emerges as an independent genre. The exhibition touches on these secrets, following the development of still life with 75 carefully selected pieces from Kunsthistorisches Museum's large collection. In addition, Kunsthistorisches Museum's Velazquez "Margarita" will be specially exhibited. Only held at Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art in West Japan.















Permanent Collection

Permanent Collection
Hyogo Prefecture Museum of Art has collected art works both domestically and from around the world for the past 35 years since it was called the Museum of Modern Art.
This year three exhibitions targeting "children" and "parents" will be held for families to enjoy showing over 200 specially selected pieces from our collection including mini exhibitions and themed exhibitions.

[Mini Exhibitions]
Unique exhibitions that look at the role of art museums through close examination of the historical background and trends of spirited artists from other museums and from our collection.

[Themed Exhibitions]
Exhibitions that specifically introduce characteristic artistic works with a themed and retrospective approach.

*Exhibition content, title, dates may change at our convenience.

Permanent Collection1 Talking with Pictures: Explore the Museum Collection! Have a Conversation with Art!

March 22 (Sat) - June 29 (Sun)
Themed Exhibition Little Secrets to Help Kids Love Art!
The museum's art collection is full of wonder and mystery. Hints for children to enjoy viewing the works are planted throughout the galleries based on the exhibition's theme of "Have a Conversation with Art." With the "little secret" of appreciating art, why not come and explore the forest of art at the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art and find your own special treasure.

Permanent Collection2 New Acquisitions

July 12 (Sat) - November 9 (Sun)
Featured Mini Exhibition Form in Art:Experience the Works with Your Hands

Shigeru Kaji"Fluctuating Pole 2.4" 2004

Kiwame Kubo "Memories of Alhambra" 2006

In this annual exhibition, we have striven to go beyond sight-oriented tendency in art appreciation. This year we make our way into this tactile world with recent works from Shigeru Kaji (1951 - ) focused on "fluctuation" in nature, along with geometrical stone sculptures from Kiwame Kubo (1956 - ) and sculptures from our collection.
Themed Exhibition New Acquisitions Summer Camps of Museum

Konosuke Tamura "Sewing Machine and Women" 1948 newly acquired in 2007

Kumi Sugai
"Cadmium Red 3-4" 1992 newly acquired in 2007
Featuring pieces added to our collection in the last year,selected works from our collection are displayed on such themes as restoration and printing techniques. Children and those new to art are certain to find new points of view on our collection. In addition, a variety of special events are planned for the summer period .

Permanent Collection3 Welcome to the Museum! Welcome to the World of Contemporary Art!

November 22 (Sat) -
March 15 (Sun)

Themed Exhibition a Higashiyama Kaji Retrospective

Kaji Higashiyama
(with his work) 2004 Photo: Otto
Do you think that modern art is difficult and to be appreciated on your own? This exhibition allows parent and child to easily become familiar with art using worksheets as a basis for communication. One can of course come along with friends or alone. Specially selected pieces from our collection are displayed with a focus on modern art. A special corner is in place to retrospectively look back at the critically minded and humour filled world of Kaji Higashiyama (1934 - 2006) who based his unique creative activities in Sanda city, Hyogo Prefecture.