Lectures will be held for you to enjoy and understand the exhibitions further. Moreover, serial lectures under subjects selected from permanent exhibitions will be held once a month.

Museum Concert
Various concerts will be held at the Auditorium and many other places in the Museum.

Gsllery Talk
Gallery talks on specific works will be held near the exhibitions and thus allow visitors to enjoy communication through works. Guided tours around the Museum will be also held.

Art Courses
A variety of courses
such as painting classes for those interested in beginning painting
and serial courses for those seeking further knowledge about art will be held.

Film show
  Film shows will be held on weekends. Various classic films, and much-talked-about and controversial films you missed will be shown through quality programs.

Childrens Ivent
Serial programs for those children visiting the Museum for the first time and appreciation and creation programs related to exhibitions will be held once or twice a month.

Drama and Dance
We introduce a variety of events including stage arts and Japanese traditional arts performed mainly by young artists.